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Our Family

Where to even begin.....I guess you could say it began way back years ago.  One gal and one young man fell head over heels in love and the dreaming of what might be began.  High school sweethearts soon turned to married right out of high school in the summer of 1981.  Two years later a little red headed boy appeared and then 14 months later a  blonde haired,  blue eyed little girl came along! Perfect a family of four and a lot of dreams plus a lot of bumps in the road....hey life happens but you just keep on dreaming. 


Here we are very blessed we have added a daughter in love and a son in love to the mix along with three of the most purdest grandkiddos's a MoMo and PaPa could ask for!  Yes, I'm a little bit proud of them grandkids! I have to say we are very blessed to have our extended family so close and we enjoy a lot of family get togethers!  It's all about being thankful and enjoying the simple things of life.

Our Farm

Of course this big ol' dream of a Big Red Retreat Barn is just icing on the cake.....I have always loved crafts of all kinds and to share the love with so many wonderful folks is just a big dream come true! 

We live on a 160 acre farm with lots of cows and calves, a golden retriever named Molly, deer,  turkeys, at times goats and chickens, and an occasional barn cat. We built this Big Red Barn for workshops and retreats and would love to have you come enjoy a retreat, class or a day shopping with us. On the first Monday we have Ruffled Feathers and on the first Saturday we have Farm Chicks so grab a project and come join us for a day of stitching and visiting. 

Happy Trails!

Danny & Ginger Jackson


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